Rabu, 19 November 2008

camping for adventurer

camping is an outdoor recreational activity.

The participants, known as campers, get away from urban areas, their home region or civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or more nights, usually at a campsite. Camping may involve the use of a tent, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all.

Camping as a recreational activity became popular in the early 20th century. Campers frequent national parks, other publicly owned natural areas, and privately owned campgrounds.

Camping is also used as a cheap form of accommodation for people attending large open air events such as sporting meetings and music festivals. Organisers will provide a field and some basic amenities.

if you are adventurer, i think it is better to try one of nice place that very interesting...few days ago, i've found the cool site that will give you a lot of Informations about gearing up and heading out for outdoor adventures, this cool site is Jackson Hole's.

in that site, you can find information and discuss what you want about adventures, camping and water rafting then you can find

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