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How to prevent and remove viruses-StopZilla

What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a small software program that spreads from one computer to another and interferes with computer operation. A computer virus might corrupt or delete data on a computer, use an email program to spread the virus to other computers, or even delete everything on the hard disk. Computer viruses are frequently spread by attachments in email messages or by instant messaging messages. Therefore, you must never open an email attachment unless you know who sent the message or you are expecting the email attachment. Viruses can be disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files. Computer viruses also spread through downloads on the Internet. They can be hidden in pirated software or in other files or programs that you might download. Symptoms of a computer virus For information about the symptoms of a computer virus, go to the Microsoft PC Security website. What is a worm? A worm is computer code that spreads without user interaction. Most worms begin as email attachments that infect a computer when they're opened. The worm scans the infected computer for files, such as address books or temporary webpages, that contain email addresses. The worm uses the addresses to send infected email messages, and frequently mimics (or spoofs) the "From" addresses in later email messages so that those infected messages seem to be from someone you know. Worms then spread automatically through email messages, networks, or operating system vulnerabilities, frequently overwhelming those systems before the cause is known. Worms aren't always destructive to computers, but they usually cause computer and network performance and stability problems. What is a trojan horse? A trojan horse is a malicious software program that hides inside other programs. It enters a computer hidden inside a legitimate program, such as a screen saver. Then it puts code into the operating system that enables a hacker to access the infected computer. Trojan horses do not usually spread by themselves. They are spread by viruses, worms, or downloaded software. What is spyware? Spyware can install on your computer without your knowledge. These programs can change your computer’s configuration or collect advertising data and personal information. Spyware can track Internet search habits and can also redirect your web browser to a different website than you intend to go to. What is rogue security software? A rogue security software program tries to make you think that your computer is infected by a virus and usually prompts you to download or buy a product that removes the virus. The names of these products frequently contain words like Antivirus, Shield, Security, Protection, or Fixer. This makes them sound legitimate. They frequently run right after you download them, or the next time that your computer starts. Rogue security software can prevent applications, such as Internet Explorer, from opening. Rogue security software might also display legitimate and important Windows files as infections. Typical error messages or pop-up messages might contain the following phrases:

StopZilla-avoid computer viruses

How to remove and avoid computer viruses A computer virus is malicious software (also known as "malware") that can copy itself and infect other software or files on your computer. If you suspect your computer has been infected, the Microsoft Windows website provides step-by-step instructions for removing viruses and other malware. Fortunately, if you update your computer and use free antivirus software such as Microsoft Security Essentials, you can help permanently remove unwanted software and prevent installation in the first place.

Senin, 08 November 2010

Gold coins, the heaviest and most valuable ever found in Israel

Gold coins, the heaviest and most valuable ever found in Israel, in an excavation, according to some media reports which quoted a statement from Israel's Antiquities Authority on Thursday (12 / 8).

Sabtu, 25 September 2010

How to Square Roots Fast Counting

Many ways to determine the square root of a number. you can use Square root calculator as  Algebra solver .Of the many ways in this, we need to choose the most appropriate and suitable for us or our children.

Let's try to learn a variety of ways to calculate square root to solve
Linear equations problems.

1. Trial and error. This is the most common way to solve the square root calculation. This method is suitable for children, we, who have been smoothly calculates the square or multiplication.

For example we will calculate the roots of (squared) of 64.

So we try to 5 × 5 = 25 (too small).
Try 9 × 9 = 81 (too big).
Try the 7 × 7 = 49 (too small).
Try the 8 × 8 = 64 (right).

So we get the root of 64 is 8.

2. How factorization. This is quite interesting and tactical. For example, berpakah root of 64?

So 64 = 2 × 32 = 2x2x16 = 4 × 16
root 64 = 4 x root root 16
= 2 x 4
= 8 (Done).

This factorization is very useful way to high-level math. When sitting in high school, we often use the way of factorization. When college calculus, we also often use factorization.

For example, what is the root of 72?
72 = 9 × 8 = 9x4x2
So root root 72 = 3x2x 2
= 6akar2 = 6 √ 2.

3. How to approach. This method is a variation and continuation of the trial and error. After practicing a few times, we will be very proficient in this way. This approach is very powerful way to calculate the root whose value is quite large.

For example, what is the root of 1681?

Most sensible approach is 40 × 40 = 1600.

Because 1681 is 1 unit of the unit from the roots of 1 or 9. In this case we memilh 1. (Why?).

So we get the answer 40 1 = 41

For example, what is the root of 3364?

Most sensible approach is 50 × 50 = 2500.
(While 60 × 60 = 3600, too big).

Because the unit of 3364 is 4 then the unit from its root is 2 or 8. In this case we choose 8. (Why?)

So we get the answer 50 8 = 58.

4. And others. Of course there are many ways we can do to calculate square roots. Keep creating. Discover how the most appropriate for your child.

As a
Math problem solver, interesting material, including material that is the square root is preferred. Interesting root looks like hard. But quite understand how it is very easy. What else when learning while playing. Algebra 1 also developed a way to draw the square root 3 (cubic root) is fun for College algebra problems.

How do you think?try to find
Math answers there!

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How to care your hairs girls!

Hair is the crown for every human and other contributing towards your appearances. If your hair neatly manicured beautifully and then you will feel more comfortable for both women and men, but if you experience something in the hair, such as hair loss, breaks, broken, dull, and others, will make you anxious to performance you.
Below I will present some hair care tips to stay healthy:
1. Go immediately whether your hair is damaged. To check whether your hair is damaged, drop a hair into the cup of water and the tap-tap the cup to decompose the surface tension of water. If the hair is lost then the hair is damaged, the hair 'damaged' is usually dry and porous. Improve the condition by using a conditioner. If the hair floats, proceed with routine maintenance hair you are doing.
2. When you leave the house between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, wear a hat or umbrella, even though the weather was overcast, because sun exposure is still there. If you have to move, choose a shady spot.
3. After swimming in the ocean or in the pool, immediately wash your hair. Afterwards, please use the conditioner for chlorine and salt can cause the hair become dry or cracked. Try to use a leave in conditioner that contains UV absorbers.
4. Order to avoid an annoying tangled hair, apply conditioner to the hair sidelines using a comb with wide sections penyisir. Let stand for three minutes and then rinse.
5. Replace the natural moisture lost hair by using hair mask after shampooing, before applying conditioner.
6. After shampooing, use a seldom-toothed comb to straighten wet hair, comb from the ends of your hair, slowly rises to the top.
7. Reduce the use of a hair dryer to dry hair but when it does not you'll have to hurry and had to use a hair dryer, keep the distance is not too close to the hair.
8. If you have long hair, use conditioner with sufficient moisture on a regular basis, because the nutrient content in conditioner and moisturizer can give hair  maximum care to the ends of hair.
9. Cut hair regularly, once every three months so that the ends of the hair to remain  hair healthy, not branched, cracked or dry.
10. In the summer, hair loss is usually more frequent. Therefore put on hair loss prevention product. Do creambath at the salon or in your home once a month.
11. For high-volume style big hair, turn your hair into top and bottom, use a hair cream, mousse or gel or hairspray and blow-dry downwards, turn back your hair to get a hair style as you wish.
12. What you eat can give a big impact on the condition of your hair, your skin and other parts of your physical appearance.
Important info:
It is time to accept that there are several practices that are not setting a good hair style for your hair. For example, straighten curly and wavy hair using a straightener softener and bottles made of hair can damage your health. Most products on the market use a combination of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and emulsifier to describe the chemical bonds in curly hair and then shape it back so the hair looks straight. However, if you let the solution too long on your hair, then your hair will fall out and can burn the skin of your head, so be careful using it!

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Buah Cintaku Tercinta..

Ahmad Najid Farhad Diantoko 18 juli 2010

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do the smart betting for yor success

The above words are often used to attract ordinary people to get to know more about sports betting. I once bought some e-book about it, but until now no one to fruition.

Some things you need to consider before purchasing a product on sports betting.

1. Do not be too much to believe what people say about how easy it is to get money through soccer betting or basketball betting. Basically they just want to sell their products and earn money from their product sales, not from sports betting rules.

2. Do not be too trusting with the video shown by the dashed (jumping) or a piece of the videos to show the results they obtained. Better if you see from beginning to end. Why? Because the Betfair market is FLEXIBLE, anything can be done to cover to get PROFIT LOSS. Lots of videos on Betfair which you may earn through YOUTUBE.

3. Do also believes the portfolio (screenshot) shown to you. What looks good on the outside, not necessarily good on the inside. You will see a profit of 50 USD, but you do not know what's installed, just MAY BACK for $ 1000 at odds of 1:05, whereas a SALE is not a way to play like that. It's all just to manipulate the portfolio.

4. Trading together is the best thing before you decide to buy a product Betfair and make sure you know what is installed to obtain these profits (how to play).

5. Remember always the words "NO RISK NO GAIN, HIGH RISK HIGH GAIN, LOW RISK LOW GAIN". That is all true. Moreover, if disangkut pautkan with Betfair. The higher the risk, the easier it is to gain profit. Read his review here.

6. Betfair = tic-tac. You guessed correctly, then you will profit. Your guess is wrong, get ready for the loss. Odds change according to market conditions. You will not see on Betfair Loophole.

7. Many people write and website if Betfair is TRADING, but I think Betfair is gambling that can be played by using a system called MARKET TRADING and has an extremely VARIATION.

8. Good Money Management is everything. Not for use Betfair or any other bookmaker.

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tips: Thrift, frugality, savings

Thrift, frugality, savings. these three words we often hear to electricity and the electricity business. Conserve electricity not new but many of us who do not. while there are many simple ways we can do to save electricity.
1. Use power-saving lamps / energy.

If indeed you do not require specific functionality such as lamps, light bulb to incubate chicken eggs / duck / duck or child warm chicken / duck / duck, then it is advisable that you use lights replaced with energy efficient lighting alone. Use energy saving lamp can save enough electricity consumption significantly.
2. Use energy efficient electronic equipment.

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tips:choose the best and most rated webhosting for your blogs

Tips you should consider when choosing a suitable web hosting for your business, namely:

* Note the target market (marketing) you, If you want your traffic is largely domestic, then I recommend you choose a server in Indonesia (IIX), its function is to speed access in your site will be faster if a fellow country . It's different if you are a lot of visitors from abroad, then you should use servers located Overseas only (Match your target visitors)
* The capacity of the room (space available). This is especially i

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paid-to-promote, terbukti membayar, ayo gabung!!

apa itu ini adalah salah satu program CPM, yaitu anda akan dibayar untuk setiap 1000 kali tayang iklan. anda akan dapat $4 untuk traffik yang berasal dari US, Kanada, Australia, dan Inggris. Traffik yang datang dari selain dari keempat negara tersebut dihargai $2 untuk setiap 1000 kali tayang. lumayan, minimum payout nya 0,1$, dan walaupun saya baru gabung, dan dapat 0.16$, terbukti dibayar ke paypal, ini screenshotnya:
jika pengen dapat dollar juga, silakan gabung ke sini