Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

rain water barrels for your rainy season (for gardener)

rainy season has come, and it is awaited by plants lovers, because by using the rain water, we do not need to sprinkle our favorite plants every day with the pump water.

in utilizing rain water for our plants, rain barrels can be used as an alternative. utilization of rain water barrels are very useful, we can save electricity, water billing account and also time-efficient.

way is to use a rain water barrels container, and we let the channel down to the plants that we want to spray.. and this is easy we do, use a container with water, then we do not need to rush if the drought came, because we already have a reserve of water for the next day, if we do not have any container of water, we can use rain barrels for sale. you can buy it, or if do not have any information about that, you can do by googling your self.

we also use the time to collect rain water Harvesting in the future.
we need to save water in the present, because sometimes in a tropical country, when the long drought, the population had difficulty to get water for daily needs, must also be remembered that the key to success is scanty in the future

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