Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

direct tv, my tv options

Because my children are concerned, the impression is often watching the "Entong" his favorite movie in an Indonesian private television, I also finally decided to subscribe Direct tv in indonesia. In the early impressions of the Entong, I was like. Due to the religious messages, and bearable entertaining. But it's only the beginning only a few episodes. The chase each other as running, so the story began exotic. Hold mutual hostility and ridicule to become the main sinetron this. Then, a few verses in the holy localized events that are contrary. For example, Pak Ustad cite one verse, Kun Fayakun, so be it. Well sometimes it is translated to the scene of the Entong that can fly, etc.. Indeed, far from the meaning of verses in Al-Qur'an.

Yes already, I only subscribe Direct tv . Then, all local television impressions (except MetroTV, and some events DirecTV in Alta, CA) my password. I only try the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Disney, Baby Vision, Cartun Network and similar channels . Indeed, cartoon impressions are not all good, but at least the children to hear English and not hear the indignation-indignation rough English that never again in the impressions censored .
My neighbor had asked him, why not subscribe to directTV in indonesia only.I see it exactly in front of my home, have cable TV connection. But I decided not to subscribe to cable TV after seeing the quality of cable TV in the impression some of my friends, both in Stone Fruit, Sarijadi, and Ciumbuleuit. Image quality and color that are less good. This is because the signal loss must go through a long cable. If you want good, the cable TV providers have to spend more willing to install a brace in the meter cable. Then also have to install a splitter with a good quality also.

If I compare, the television direct disc Direct TV this kind of quality compared with cable tv-tv is on at the higher. However, cable TV also has advantages, namely to participate internet access he said quickly. While Direct Tv to this day have not heard what could also be used for internet access or not.

I personally do not watch television very often. Although the hobby is watching movies and HBO or Cinemax, it's not quite fit so watching the film with the condition of the left and right truncated. Yes, films that show the big screen in the HBO or Cinemax are cutting the right and the left side that fit the television format of 4:3. If my wife, happy to see more impressions on the MTV music, the same MNC Entertainment. Yes I can just happy. At least now I do not have to yell and cry to call my wife. What ga yell and cry, if kupingnya disumpel hold the earphone iPod Shuffle. : D

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  1. sek....sek...tak mbukak kamus..
    oo..lha iyes..direk tipi ya?
    oooo yes yes
    *gak lari kok pak...kan pake inet murid*

  2. wah asyik nih kang...reviewnya keren.....

  3. Seandainya ditranslet sekalian di bawahnya gitu, pasti tak baca. Males ah aku gag iso bhs Inggris an.


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