Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

best actors according to me

If i as a judge of Oscar event, and i choose the best actor in the world, i will choose tehese actor...although including a local actor in Indonesia
1. Jude Law in The Holiday.
How, in any film Jude Law acting, I will always love him, hehe, ya scurvy. But in this film, he can blend the natural character he has, the tempter with a character role as a single father of a good parent. Add home in rural England. i think he is Best of the Best Awards
2. Johnny Deep in The Pirates of the Caribbean, i think, he is also can be nominated on BoB Awards, because his acting so cool too.
3. Christian Bale in The Machinist , Honestly I like it with this film. This movie is grim and I feel a poke are swirl the contents of a self. Perhaps because this film psychology. The point is not fun. I nominate that Christian Bale is his power. In this film he narrowly lower body weight of 30 kg. Time we go to see the dead bodies as living goes. Even someone handsomer than Christian Bale also look real sharp in circumstances like this. Very, very, very creepy, but I regard it: how an artist can do rabid support for the role he will play. * So that love the characters in the story, and i think if he have a blog, he will be nominated as best Blog Awards.

4. Rob Schneider in the Hot Chick

Who it the same like Rob Schneider? Total, total, total up! He was a role so that women, due to an error mantra changed so men. One of the few comedy movies that make me really laugh.

5. Deddy Mizwar in nagabonar

If there are artists of a worthy artist to be stamped as a top, Deddy Mizwar is best indonesian actor for me. Tora Sudiro's act with the sanction if he is a senior and Tora still need to learn a lot. Endi and I even still remember with a dialogue, "I want to see the red and white ruffle at the top! ", And remember one" my fault is, I still live in your period. Period which can not kumengerti, but because I am trying to loving you, "he or derision to Wulan Guritno that the waffle I Wulan take around and there it ends," type search oxter snake! "He said. Okay the main thing!
Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards

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