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you have to update your computer drivers

based on this post, you have to update your computer drivers. this is very important, and what drivers should be updated??follow these tips:
may be some manufacturers also have a firmware upgrade available for their CDs. Firmware update help complete all the questions related to hardware, you may experience with your CD-ROM as one can not read some CD or update the code on DVD. Unlike a driver update, the update can be done only for users who encounter problems with the hard drive. Most firmware updates can be accessed via the CD driver manufacturers page, you see the CD page for a list of drivers from this link.


Upgrade or install the latest drivers for your computer can help with the reliability of reliability and performance of your computer, and drive that is connected to the controller. If you use a separate control of the motherboard of your computer, you see the driver for the controller to page the list of driver and controller manufacturers. If you are not using a tab control and use the controls on the motherboard of your computer, you can get the driver for the controller on the motherboard and / or the manufacturer of your computer. See page of drivers for motherboard manufacturers list of motherboards and links to their driver.

Video drivers

Unlike other hardware, monitoring tools, like computers or flat panel displays and often set automatically by the operating system. More information about the driver for your video card can be found on document CH000437.

If you find the video driver, see below us the video driver.

Keyboard driver

Unless the computer keyboard includes special function keys such as e-mail button, Internet key, keyboard, etc. You should not need any driver and must be configured by the operating system.

If your computer keyboard includes special function keys, or you need a different keyboard layout for the keyboard, refer to document CH000547.

Note: Users who use the FireWire or USB keyboard may need a driver for the operating system for their work to the keyboard and / or it may be necessary to make sure that the USB cable and / or Firewire is on those who work in the operating system .

Mouse drivers

If you do not use the mouse that contains a key or other unique features not found with the standard one or two-button mouse, you do not need any drivers and the mouse should be set automatically by the operating system.

If you use a USB mouse, trackball mouse, mouse with more than two buttons, wireless mouse, or the scroll wheel and search for the computer drivers, you should see the documents on google.

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