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Cool Calculus Help site for you

I created this guide because of dizziness have to teach my friends who are obliged to learn calculus in college. Basic math courses to be something that was greatly feared by the students who were not happy with the math. To be a logic analysis in any field. Statistics which will be the reference of the research end. Last use calculus I theoretically have abandoned 8 years ago. We have more analysis with computer graphics and the form numbers and tables.

I so remember when six years ago to teach my younger brother who is now a young architect and living in yogyakarta. He was puzzled to learn from where the time to learn Calculus help. For math skills when SMUN into chaos because they do not pleased with the teacher. Which he said the famous stern and forbidding. At that time I test some of the basic theory of the derivative phytagoras, sine, cosine and the Cartesian graph is the basis of this calculus.

Here are some tricks I taught him and eventually he was able to graduate with a value that is sufficient to simply pass an undergraduate C.. :). Maybe you could try if a friend, sister or your girlfriend asks you for help to teach calculus.

This guide is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. But I proved successful in delivering some friends and a degree. (The important thing .. once it passed my principles).
First - Find a friend, relative, or relatives who have children in school in high school science section. Borrow books from first semester mathematics to 6th semester. Find the section relating to trigonometry, sine and cosine graphs. In the book the basic mathematical description more simple and understandable. That may in your mind. Yes .. indeed .. because you do not have a strong knowledge base ..
Second - Try to find and borrow from the older classes, and find out about the exam last year. If the test should not be brought back, at least our seniors can remember about the model about what will come out in the exam later.
Third - do practice exam questions until completely in accordance with the Answer Key. If you do not understand open the book and asked the same friend ...
Fourth - The books examples often helps us in learning logic. Because mathematics is sometimes more easily understood if we know the answer. At least know the issue.
Fifth - If tomorrow the exams and stress, you should play it or watch tv. and Sleep. Because it was useless to learn more when tomorrow's test was also not remember the formula for the Basic Calculus.
Few questions from me .. if you memorized the sine 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 90 degrees? as well as the tangent and his co. If tomorrow the test still does not remember how to find that trigonometry. Bed from the DI Per Cos A similar mind dizzy. Just think tomorrow could and write .. I hope to graduate.
But today, there is the internet, quite a lot of guides and alternative learn calculus from the internet. So easy to the extent that there are programs that calculate and find the answers to your questions in just a few minutes. As a guide you can type word "calculus" in the google search engine. In my opinion, if you want to learn from the internet you can visit these web site"Calculus tutor, Precalculus help, Free precalculus help , Free calculus help ,is an interactive guide from Precalculus. Do not forget to first download the software free version of the plugin
Hope you can help the college.
There was a question my friend good enough in my opinion. What sich use calculus? and how in the field application later? Easy answer. Can you calculate the steel plate used to make a drum? Weight, size and contents are appropriate prior to fabrication?
With calculus can be calculated manually without a calculator and computer. That's the answer .. just do not ya ..
I hope right .. and hopefully you can quickly graduated college. Do not drop out because of the basic math does not pass

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