Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

Be a great translator

The first step to be a language translator Indonesian - Britain book is to apply as a translator or interpreter English Indonesia to various publishers, which consists of a cover letter in English translator, Indonesian translator CV, and samples of English and Indonesian (with photocopy of original manuscript translated). English Indonesian translator application can be written in Indonesian, although not banned, too if you want to use the source language. No problem. Should we choose the publisher who published books that we are interested. Do not apply to Indonesian translator English to business publisher if we are interested in translating the novel, for example.

In a cover letter in English Indonesian translator, we expressed a desire to work with publishers as Indonesian English translator off. As another application, here we should tell the things that show that we are able to translate (translate experience, writing experience, TOEFL score, literary lectures, language courses, has lived abroad, just anything that could demonstrate our ability ).

In addition, we can also mention the interest and our strengths as an English translator Indonesia. Foreign language skills are more than one course is a plus. We also should mention what kind of books we are interested in and what areas of our hands, even a hobby that we studied. Thus, the publisher will pick out a book of English Indonesia in accordance with our capabilities as an English translator and interpreter Indonesia.

One other thing to note is in addition to looking for work in English translation, we also must prepare themselves to Indonesian translator. In addition to Indonesian English translator skills of our own, we also need tools to translate. At a minimum we must have KBBI, Britain dictionary English Indonesia or Indonesia, and an English and Indonesian. In addition to the issuer applying language translator, we can also find order translation (online translation) into other places, such as companies, television stations, courts, and the firm Indonesian translator of English abroad. Receiving orders from the bureau translator (free translation)Indonesian English abroad is more profitable, because the charge can be 10-20 times more than the rate of local publishers.

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