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how to mount /dev/sda )disk partition in dewalinux

talking about Mounting and Unmounting Local Disks Using Linux is fun, really a lot we can do in Linux but we are not going to do in Windows (Read: Wind ** s), such as Editing in Linux configuration to edit the kernel (the engine) Linux ... (That's what has to be made linux expert :-)). Ease else can read the Linux partitions of Windows, cool. :-( But, we must do "mount" to be able to manually open the partition. It's hard to gag, we are living "right click> mount" something wrong, but it would be more comfortable if the process is run automatically when you startup. Here's how:
Sign in to terminal, log in as Super User
Make sure all disk partitions are mounted
After that type "mount-v" to see where our Mounting and Unmounting Local Disks
Next open a new terminal, log in as well as super user
Type "umount-a" to unmount all the partitions we
Sign in directory "/ media", make sure we've patition no longer
After that, make a directory of our hard disk partition, for example Master_Software, data_, and SYSTEM if you like on my computer pake mkdir command
type "nano / etc / fstab" (without the quotes)
Add the following tag:

/ dev/sda2 / media / Master_Software_ ntfs default 0 0
/ dev/sda7 / media / data_ ntfs default 0 0
/ dev/sda1 / media / SYSTEM ntfs default 0 0

It must be confused right?? Never explained like this ...
/ dev/sda7 is the location where our hard drive, (which is stored seen earlier, the sda8 writing)
/ media / data_ it is to access the folder where you partition, hard disk folder call us, well this one should be the same as the folder you created earlier and must match the hard disk location (/ dev/sda7)
ntfs is the format of our disk
The default is 0 0 is the default (read: original) hard drive and settings should be and I do not know what it means.
After that press CtrlX and Y to save and confirm enter, then reboot and
Tara, hard drives are mounted automatically by the system.
Good Luck

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