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tips: Thrift, frugality, savings

Thrift, frugality, savings. these three words we often hear to electricity and the electricity business. Conserve electricity not new but many of us who do not. while there are many simple ways we can do to save electricity.
1. Use power-saving lamps / energy.

If indeed you do not require specific functionality such as lamps, light bulb to incubate chicken eggs / duck / duck or child warm chicken / duck / duck, then it is advisable that you use lights replaced with energy efficient lighting alone. Use energy saving lamp can save enough electricity consumption significantly.
2. Use energy efficient electronic equipment.

When you want to buy electronic equipment used is also the consideration that for the long term costs of energy-efficient electronic equipment can be better than the electronic equipment which are cheaper. Because it could be the total cost (purchase price plus operating cost tool or the price of electricity use) of energy efficient equipment will be cheaper than cheap goods that are not energy efficient. Use of laptops  or digital cameras will be more power efficient than PC / desktop. LCD screen will use more power-efficient than using a digital monitor let alone analog.
3. Settings to suit the needs of electronic equipment

Setting all your electronic equipment in order to effectively and efficiently and in accordance with what you need.
4. Avoid the use of electronic devices simultaneously

If possible, avoid the use of electronic devices simultaneously. When the load is too heavy, generally automatic switches will function, if its lay term nge-snap or fall. Electronic starters generally will require energy and retrofitting. A simple example: you're working with a computer and your documents have not been saved / save. sudden power failure / outages. Then of course you have to recreate the document or at least make adjustments again. Thus the power consumption will surely increase.
5. Avoid ignition electronic devices simultaneously

Turn on the electronic device one by one. When the switch on an electronic device give "breathing" moment for the voltage to make adjustments before you turn on your other electrical equipment.
6. Turn off or unplug all electrical outlet when the electricity goes out

When the electricity goes out or home theatre system  you've not used anymore then you should disconnect the electrical connections of electronic equipment from electrical wiring of your home. With the lift, turn off or disconnect electrical equipment from home / office, then you avoid suctioning the same / made redundant equipment such as electric current life / work again.

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