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How to care your hairs girls!

Hair is the crown for every human and other contributing towards your appearances. If your hair neatly manicured beautifully and then you will feel more comfortable for both women and men, but if you experience something in the hair, such as hair loss, breaks, broken, dull, and others, will make you anxious to performance you.
Below I will present some hair care tips to stay healthy:
1. Go immediately whether your hair is damaged. To check whether your hair is damaged, drop a hair into the cup of water and the tap-tap the cup to decompose the surface tension of water. If the hair is lost then the hair is damaged, the hair 'damaged' is usually dry and porous. Improve the condition by using a conditioner. If the hair floats, proceed with routine maintenance hair you are doing.
2. When you leave the house between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, wear a hat or umbrella, even though the weather was overcast, because sun exposure is still there. If you have to move, choose a shady spot.
3. After swimming in the ocean or in the pool, immediately wash your hair. Afterwards, please use the conditioner for chlorine and salt can cause the hair become dry or cracked. Try to use a leave in conditioner that contains UV absorbers.
4. Order to avoid an annoying tangled hair, apply conditioner to the hair sidelines using a comb with wide sections penyisir. Let stand for three minutes and then rinse.
5. Replace the natural moisture lost hair by using hair mask after shampooing, before applying conditioner.
6. After shampooing, use a seldom-toothed comb to straighten wet hair, comb from the ends of your hair, slowly rises to the top.
7. Reduce the use of a hair dryer to dry hair but when it does not you'll have to hurry and had to use a hair dryer, keep the distance is not too close to the hair.
8. If you have long hair, use conditioner with sufficient moisture on a regular basis, because the nutrient content in conditioner and moisturizer can give hair  maximum care to the ends of hair.
9. Cut hair regularly, once every three months so that the ends of the hair to remain  hair healthy, not branched, cracked or dry.
10. In the summer, hair loss is usually more frequent. Therefore put on hair loss prevention product. Do creambath at the salon or in your home once a month.
11. For high-volume style big hair, turn your hair into top and bottom, use a hair cream, mousse or gel or hairspray and blow-dry downwards, turn back your hair to get a hair style as you wish.
12. What you eat can give a big impact on the condition of your hair, your skin and other parts of your physical appearance.
Important info:
It is time to accept that there are several practices that are not setting a good hair style for your hair. For example, straighten curly and wavy hair using a straightener softener and bottles made of hair can damage your health. Most products on the market use a combination of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and emulsifier to describe the chemical bonds in curly hair and then shape it back so the hair looks straight. However, if you let the solution too long on your hair, then your hair will fall out and can burn the skin of your head, so be careful using it!

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