Senin, 08 November 2010

Gold coins, the heaviest and most valuable ever found in Israel

Gold coins, the heaviest and most valuable ever found in Israel, in an excavation, according to some media reports which quoted a statement from Israel's Antiquities Authority on Thursday (12 / 8).
Gold coins were unearthed in excavations conducted by researchers the University of Minnesota and University of Michigan in Tel Kadesh, the border between Israel - Lebanon, 22 June, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority.
The researchers said that 2,200 years coin weighing one ounce of pictorial Arsinoe II, wife of King Ptolemy II and the queen of Egypt was printed in 191 BC in Alexandria. These coins were about six times heavier than the other coins ever found in Israel.
Large gold coin shows most likely not be used as a currency, said Dr. Donald T. Ariel, Head of Coins at the Antiquities Authority to the Jerusalem Post.
"Coins of this size will not be available in the market, this object is made only for the purpose of the ritual ceremony," said Ariel told the Jerusalem Post.
He added that the coin is worth a hundred shekels of silver at that time - "the equivalent of half a year salary for an above-average size at the time."
Tel Kadesh is an area which covers about 25 acres - home to a number of ancient peoples, like the Canaanite, and Persian Phonecians. The University has conducted excavations in the area since 1997.

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