Kamis, 09 April 2009

6 tips for your baby's car seat

If you have a children, you should be carefull for their comfortable when you go with them. when you use your car, you should use the best car seat for your baby, these are tips for you, how to choose best car seat for your beloved baby.
Best car seat for your child's car seat that is in accordance with the size of the child, with properly installed and used in the right way
1. Easy to use and put on your car
2. Have a strong enough, 5 point security for your baby is the best guys,,!!
3.the seat belt can be adjusted with big babies. Try to select a car seat that belt can be adjusted from the front and not from behind
4. Tethers, this strap can be attributed to car seats so that more stable and reduce the shocks to the head during an accident. Even since September 2002 all the car seat must meet the requirements of the system latch (Lower Anchors and Tethers for babies) is designed for easy installation of a car seat for babies. Car seat with the new system is installed directly on the car and not tied to the seat belt
5. simple for washing. Choose a removable car seat, so that it can be washed if dirty
6. the most Comfortable. your baby's seat will more comfortable if the seat is soft and has a head rest and back a strong

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