Kamis, 09 April 2009

browse and watch tv directly

hhm....what do you think with this title??? :t as a beginner in blogging, i never know, that we can watch tv with your computer when you browse some website....maybe this is will make you laugh, but really, i never know that..

a few days ago, when i'm online on my yahoo messenger chat, my friend told me about the direct tv, what is it???i don't understand that..he told me that with directtv, we can enjoy tv with our computer, online, and without something trouble on your internet browser.

hmm...this is very interesting, then i try to understand about this direct tv system and the direct tv service, wow..amazing...the system is very cool, and the service will make you so comfort when you enjoying your internet browsing..after i read the informations, i think you will be interested wit this service, actually, this is very useful for you...you can watch your favorite football league directly on your computer, without go enywhere when you browse your favorite website...and you will never lost the "up to date" informations although you in busy way.

so, i think it will better for you to check the information of this directv system, try it guys!!! i hop it will make you satisfy..OK?? :)

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