Kamis, 16 April 2009

Silver and White Gold Jewelry The beauty of the Pearl

If we talking about the silver & pearl jewelry without mentioning Indonesia, it's not quite fit. Moreover, full-pearl collection is in the remote archipelago. Even Indonesia is now recorded as a manufacture of sea pearl (south sea pearl) in the world, actually in Lombok.

Exhibitions it Indonesia's pearls, Sea jewelry , held some time ago at Mandarin Oriental Hotel with a variety of pearls formats. There is a rounded, oval, not uniform (baroque), the form of eye drops of water, mabe (semi-pearl). In addition there are various colors of pearls present, silver, white, beige, golden, yellow, up to a rare form of pink in all sizes, including natural pearls (keshi).

Various sources say that the main producers sea water pearls are Tahiti, Myanmar,Australia, and the Philippines. However, recently India surpass them all and become a leader exporter of this sea-water pearls. This is not considered surprising, because the wide archipelago of Indonesia consists of for about 17,000 islands or more, and each island is surrounded by a blue vast sea.

Pearl jewelry is the oldest known, and for several centuries and most expensive price. Pearls are also the only ornaments are not composed of the mineral, but from the organic material with naturally contains. We know, Not surprisingly, the pearl remains a vital part of the culture of women's jewelry until now.

From sea water pearls (south sea pearl) is worth up to hundreds of millions to the fresh water pearl is still quite cheap also decorate necklaces, cool watches, bracelet,jewellery for man, earrings, ring and brooch of silver produced by Nadja Jewelery.

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