Rabu, 15 April 2009

Tips: efficient with ceiling fans

if you have equipments on your home, you should be pay attentions for heater and cooler equipments. because, Heater and cooler equipment is the most energy waste at home, other than the most expensive was also associated with the electricity.

Ceiling fan, people are certainly using ceiling fan when the summer, but have you ever thought that this equipment is also very helpful in the season or cold weather? When cold , hot air in the house will rise to the top of the room and collected near your ceiling, while you are need to heat your room. Ceiling fan with a low speed can help to push the hot air get down. This can also help you to reduce the condensation on your windows.when cold, turn the ceiling fan clockwise, it can push cold air to the top, and get the warm air to the side, then go to the bottom of room.

So when buying a fan do not forget to ensure two-way, so that the feature can use them throughout the year.By using the ultra-efficient fan a hundred watts, you can save up to 10% the cost of heating. you can use casablanca ceiling fans, or craftmade ceiling fans, this is very cool design, and easy to use...beside that, this kind of fan very efficient for your electricity. or you can use this ellington fans for your best home decoration. :D

as you know, Ceiling fan can also be used together with the cooler evaporatif to make them become more effective, so that allows you to set the low-temperature regulator.

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  1. nice review. good. Setuju ngak kalo ngeblog juga menjalin silatur rahmi, persahantan dan persaudaraan

  2. gubraxxxx.....review super lancar euy


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