Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

gold coins, so what???

gold is a treasure in the world, in some parts of the country, made of gold as the symbol of wealth, for example, in africa, they use the bracelet, ring, or even gold coins

talking about gold coins, I remember a friend with a gift for my birthday, need million rupiahs, I reject it, because buy gold coin to a lot of money is required. but he still want to buy gold coins or maybe buy gold bullion, for the beginner like me this, do not understand some of the criteria of gold coins, especially gold ira transfers.

eventually he does not buy gold coin, only given a small gift book ... I think the more useful for me ... in general, we can take advantage of the gold coin to sell us more, and certainly we have the advantage, but he cancel it.

so, "so what" with gold coins, it is important that we can find happiness without gold around us, if you want to buy a gold coin, you can googling using the keyword "gold coins" ... hopefully useful

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