Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

what and why need web hosting??

Every company or person can rent a place or use web hosting services. With the support of progress in information of technology more rapidly at this time, the utilization of services that webhosting is a powerful tool for individuals and companies to conduct activities to spread information, promotion, selling (online business) and so forth.

why WebHosting?

Speed spread of information about products, services, and other public services is one of the key success of the business individual or company.
eg in Indonesia, with around 100 million mobile phone users who could connect to the internet via GPRS, they can connect to the virtual world at any time, even though in the hinterland.
Other example, a physics student, with limited funds, buy the book to anticipate the course of medical costs can reach millions of dollars, can easily obtain information science and technology through a web site, and this is the responsibility of the education offices to provide services website to promote education.
So, if you have created a design that can be read by internet browsers such as html, then it's time you put the design on the internet by uploading your design to the companies that serve the web hosting.

When need Web site?

When you want to market products or services through a border province, country, continent and ocean, the people you want to get the correct information on matters of social, you want to disseminate the knowledge for the welfare of fellow human, you want to do the business that allows customers you reach them from a home health privacy with a high, that you need the website hosting services ..

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