Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

tips: advertising your blog to get more traffic

Many people who monetize their blogs, will need the best traffic for their blogs, that's why, a lot of blogger wants to know the traffic secrets for blogging. perhaps, this post will give you one information that you need, about the tips:how to get more traffic using blog advertiser.

If you want to make money online, it is "a must" for you to understand benefit of advertising and blog, because, if you can get it, you will get more traffic and get more visitor for your blog, so, it will gives you a chance to get paid to blog if you have thousand visitors a day.

  • one of the tips is submitting your URL to free web directories, ex: yahoo directory, or, it will gives you more traffic too.
  • then try to advertise your blog to the blog advertiser, it will help you to build unique visitors
  • don't forget to build your links, by link exchange, submit articles etc
  • update your blogs !it is a must!
  • submit your URL to search engines
if you want to get money too, try to get paid to post, it will make you get traffic and money too.
If you also registered from athers advertising network, Payingpost is will be give additional income on the making too. beside from taking an available opportunities, Payingpost's advertisers can get in touch with the bloggers and request for placing their banner ad on your blog and you will get paid.

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