Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

Tips For Selecting a simple and good Domain Name Blog

if you want to select a simple and good domain name for your blog, you have to Know the purpose of your blog, and what do you want to achieve through the blog. Different rules for your blog will make for different purposes. Naming corporate blogs,personal blogs, and niche blogs that discuss a particular topic is different indeed. for More detail, you have to know what you want to study for your blog, such as what your writing style, who will visits your blog and you read any posts on your blog.

you have to Know the source of your blog traffic,if you want to know how to select domain name for your blog, see these post below:
for serious online-business bloggers, I definitely do a good domain name = goodtraffic, because a good domain name according to:

1. not too long name, and easy for remember
2. no hypen contains
3. without" www "(i mean like, or
4. use the TLD (top Level Domain) with Extension dot com, or net. for Other domain extensions especially .info that is very difficult for optimized and cached by google (afaik / cmiiw)
5. contains niche purpose of the domain
Suppose you have ideas about the 'scholarship' website,you should check the keyword tracker first, said the scholarship was a lot of searching, I always ngeliat traffiknya first before buying the domain. Parameter is what my simple, daily keyword search is that more than 10.000 people per day search, I anggep good (to target the whole world), over 2000 to indonesia. I own this itungan loh, results in time wangsit Nyepi Wonokromo with songgolewo.

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