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Metallica & U2 Concert (tickets concert)

music of Pop maybe the only one business whose leaders are regularly criticized for trying to stay relevant. Do iPhone and iPod users slag off Steve Jobs for updating for the device? In the other of arts, change is very welcome. Painters go from period to the other period; playwrights and novelists tackle topical subjects and also mess around with literary form. But if pop artists explore new technologies or dip into trends, critics accuse them of being untrue to themselves, growing weak and selling out.

No one knows this better than Metallica band. This band, which first triumphed reforming a bloated heavy-metal scene in the early 1980s, has encountered public resistance every time it has tried to adapt or augment its sounds. That's made for a tough quarter-century. The band kept taking risks but eventually lost confidence and wound up in a depression culminating in 2003's miserable "St. Anger."

but the reality is more complicated than a return to the self-assured experimentation of Zooropa and Achtung Baby, as evidenced by single Get On Your Boots, which sets its cap at Subterranean Homesick Blues but winds up duking it out with We Didn't Start the Fire for the title of Most Excruciating Rapid Fire List Song Ever Written. Suffice to say that an august US rock mag approvingly used the adjective "zany" to describe it, which pretty much sums up its abject ghastliness. Its presence here isn't the only misjudgment. Moment of Surrender doesn't have enough of a tune to support the full seven-minute gospel treatment. Stand Up Comedy features self-deprecating verses, the lyrical equivalent of Bono giving you a chummy, "Ooh-aren't-I-awful?" wink: "Stand up to rock stars ... beware of small men with big ideas." You can understand the impulse to pre-empt criticism, but allied to a watery tune, the overall effect is to make U2 sound tentative and unconvinced, two things surely no one wants U2 to be. Far better to embrace the very thing they're most often criticised for, and seem most keen to shy away from – the unironic, lighters-out, "I was born to sing for you" earnestness this album offers only on Magnificent. The title of I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, meanwhile, reveals rather more about the song than you suspect is intended, with its self-conscious tone of You Don't Have to Be Mad to Work Here But It Helps.

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