Rabu, 23 September 2009

philateli and ecco mailboxes

as a stamp lovers. then we should try to always get a stamp collection of new and old. one way is to get a shipment from another letter by letter paper. I get a lot of incoming mail in my mailbox, many of which came from people close to me who come from abroad, such as Australia, America, or any other major country. One of the interesting things to talk about this mailbox, which is about Ecco mailboxes, forms the shape of the Ecco wall mount mailbox or mailbox is unique, many of them made of wood, or from an iron for safety. several types of Ecco mailboxes are Ecco e4 mailbox , Ecco e6 mailbox, Ecco E7 mailbox , Ecco e8 mailbox. type that is a variation of the mailbox itself. but the most important is not his mailbox, but the contents of the mailbox itself.
but there are still many who do not understand the philateli, what is meant by [hilateli? Philately comes from the Greek consists of two syllables of Philos (which means friend) and Atelia (which means liberation). The term was first used by a Frenchman named Herpin nation in 1864 (Knowledge Philately, Perum Pos and Giro, 1985).
Stamp collecting hobby was first developed in England and spread to all corners of the world, including Indonesia. As a deepening of this new hobby and then arose the desire to learn and study more things about stamps and philately items related to the other as an object of scientific stamp. This hobby is known as philately. Those who have a penchant called Filatelis.
Thus a real Filatelis is a stamp expert. A stamp collector may not Filatelis if not have the knowledge and experience in the field perprangkoan. Instead of a Filatelis not necessarily collect stamps or have a collection of stamps in large numbers. However, in line with current developments, as Filatelis used not only for scholars but also postage stamps for collectors.
The term ecology comes from the Greek: "Oikos", Place and the "Logos", he said, descriptions, or so-called science which studies the mutual relationships between living organisms and their environment, either physical or biotic environment and give priority to good relations between species (plant or animal) different or the same. Variety of organisms is good living in the water or in the ground. Ir. Surna T. Djajadiningrat in his paper The Role of Environment in Development Environment said that the unity with all things space, the power situation, and living organisms including humans and their behavior, which affect the sustainability of life and welfare of man and other living things.

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