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choose the best wireless routers for your PC

We have two general options available routers on the market that is the type of wireless-G and Wireless-N. However, choosing the right router for home networks is very confusing.

There are basically two types of routers, wired (cable) and wireless (no cable). Wireless router can do everything that can be done through a wired router with the same cost and flexible.

Wireless routers use radio waves to communicate, and mobile phones and other two-way devices. With a wireless router, you can connect computers, printers and other devices in the home without using cables. Wireless routers can also function as a wired router. You can instantly connect with up to four devices, while still connected wirelessly with other devices.

Now, before you buy a wireless router, you should know a few things. The key is how your home network will allow. If you will use to surf the Internet? Share photos and checking e-mail? If you want to stream videos and movies? Or playing video games? Is wireless printing documents, and backing up your important computer? Of course! And do not forget to think about the future later. Maybe now you just need to check e-mail, but maybe one days that you and other family members want to download movies from the Internet or playing video games online.

Then, you connect to your network? You may have a few computers or a wireless printer and maybe a wireless camera. What about storage devices? Maybe you have a Media Center Extender, so you can watch internet videos on your TV or home theater devices.

You should also consider the construction of the house. Most types of building materials do not interfere with wireless signal from your router. Several other building materials like brick, concrete and metal, the signal strength and cause "dead spots", as experienced by the mobile phone.

Now you are ready to determine the right wireless router for you. Wireless-G router for basic home network or a small apartment, like sharing an Internet connection, e-mail list, or sharing a Pinter multiple computers.

But for larger homes, with more users and activities via the Internet using Wireless-N Router is more suitable. Wireless-N router offers speeds and better coverage than Wireless-G and fewer dead spots. " Wireless-N Router compatible with Wireless-G. So you can still connect to other wireless devices with a maximum speed, for example, a camera or printer wireless-G.

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