Rabu, 18 November 2009

Maintain Security Tips Home

i have installed the ADT as my Home Security System in my home recently, however, we know that Crime could come at any time, without being invited. We certainly do not want the crime occurred in our house. Viewed on the television show, a crime with many accompanied by violence happens every day.

To prevent and maintain the security of home, I have to say following a few tips to keep the crime did not occur in our homes, may be useful.

* Lock the doors and windows before going to bed or leaving home.
* Try to make a double key, with a sturdy padlock on the door of our house.
* Install railings will reduce padajendela houses one entrance crime.
* Turn on the lights around the house at night. Because the dark side of the road into a thief or a criminal.
* Install CCTV or camera in the area that is easy for the monitor.
* Be careful with strangers who came to your house, not a crime to come by pretending as a sales or officers of certain companies.
* Keep your jewelry or money in secret, better keep your property in the Bank.
* Note the number nearest security officer, the Chairman of RT, phone numbers nearest neighbors. Contact them if things happen that are not desirable.
* If you leave the house for a long time, Leave the house at the nearest neighbor, and unplug electrical equipment not in use.
* Turn on the radio in a quiet room at home when you left home for a long time.
if necessary, use a Home Security System is a high quality and good, because with this security system we can feel safe and comfortable when I went. for example by using ADT as the Security System, this technique will help you overcome the doubt of your home security. Thus, if we go, we can feel peaceful and free from fear of theft.

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