Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Translator, one of business way for your life

translate the language services are many in the market. Look at rental-computer rental in your city. At the very least, there are inserts translate English service there. Apparently, the potential and opportunities translate English language services are still very large. Translate market segment stretching from Indonesia to the corporate class students. Since, not many people understand the language of another country in detail.

Is Rahmad Ibrahim, the man was founded 33 years Citralinguist Professional translation Agency in Semarang, Central Java in December 2003 and then right. Currently, efforts translate Indonesian English already has six representatives in six major cities in Indonesia. Despite efforts translate English Indonesia was up and down, but on average each week, about 750 to 1000 pages Indonesian translate into various languages Rahmad outlets in Semarang. No wonder the Rahmad can menangguk earnings of USD 10 million to USD 20 million every month.

Initially, young Rahmad engineering college at one private university in Jogjakarta destitute economic problems. To make ends meet, Rahmad then receive services at the same time translate English typing. No warning, translate language services fairly crowded. Rahmad was then mendapuk English language education students Semarang State University to help. "Until now, I helped some good translators 50 students, until a certified professional," he said.

English translations translate the best-selling, of course, to translate, or translate English Indonesia-English Indonesia. However, Rahmad also opened other language translation. "Japanese and French translations getting up every year. While the Arabic language down," he continued. To quote, Rahmad fix the price Rp 8,000 per share to translate English Indonesia Working students. But to translate the Indonesian language non-students do, Rahmad set tariffs between Rp 30,000 to Rp 75,000 per share. "For the translation of a difficult language, for example France, the tariff per share even more expensive," added Box Office.

From the price, Rahmad only take 10% margin. While 60% given to translators. And 30% is used for the benefit of the company's operations. Rahmad said, most users are students S2 services. No wonder the Rahmad often inundated orders in June-July. "Order was also a lot in December. It comes from the corporate segment," said Rahmad sumringah.

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