Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

tips: choose the best web hosting you want

If you buy  the best web hosting, as hell if we want to buy the goods must be good at Mandai choose. Cheap but good quality and reliable support services. But the most important is the quality of servers and support. Now we will discuss the quality of the server in this case is particularly dedicated servers (specially unix server).

That need to be considered in choosing a server is:

1. Cache memory (improving server performance (5%))
Cache memory is running for the operation a very important factor. If the server has double the memory, the server can increase server performance 5%, with the CPU clock frequency the same.
2. The number of cores or processors (improve the performance of 10% - 25%))
Maybe you've heard or have the computer core 2 duo or dual core. After the test on a dedicated server doubles number cores in each processor. Each core processor will improve the performance of 10% -12%, then for Doble core will improve the performance up to 25%.
3. Higher processor frequencies better (improve server performance (10%))
You would never mendengan in our computer spec Proc P4 1.8 GHz and 2.3 GHz P4's performance in How the web server hosting? It turned out that every increase of 0.2 GHz will be able to improve the performance of dedicated servers up to 10%
4. FrontSideBuss FSB (will improve performance (2% -4%))
A 800 MHz processor with 1066 MHz FSB will improve performance about 4%. So the higher the FSB kesimpulanya his usual high-performance games allow you to access more to do on your server.

For more details you can see the graphic above as our reference in selecting and sorting the servers, but i suggest to you to choose best webhosting with linux as the server. not windows web hosting.

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