Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

learn Piano or keyboard?

Yesterday I received a text message from brother who lives in Jakarta. He said the Shalsa, my youngest nephew, included piano lessons. But she was confused, because given the choice, want to learn piano or keyboard? Then I SMS him back, "piano lessons, because when it advanced to play piano keyboard automatically."

What is it?

If we only see a glimpse of the piano or keyboard electone not much different. Both rely on the keyboard or the keyboard or the key board the same tone. It's just that there are some fundamental differences that can determine the skills or skill players.

* First, the piano will not sound if it does not hit with a powerful finger. That's why the piano is classified as a musical instrument at (percussion). Compare this with the keyboard that I've squeezed a little buzzed. This means the fingers do not need extra energy to ring it. The upside is that by learning this piano lessons, will form the finger muscles are stronger and trained. In other words, a player piano would be easier to ring the keyboard or piano than keyboard players who will feel that the piano keys too hard to play and made her fingers sore. We have also been tutsnya many heavy keyboard keys and adopted. Keyboard with the term "hammer key". Analogy is like someone who learned to type with ten fingers and mesik common type after lemudian proficient using a computer keyboard. Not vice versa.
* Second, the pianist will have the capacity scaling the left hand fingers as good as the right. Because the pianist's left hand does not only play block chords (notes compressed to form a chord played simultaneously), but also arpeggio chord (the notes in a chord is played alternately). Not only that, the pianist's left hand is also required to play a scale or pitch as good as his right hand. Compare this with the keyboard player left hand fingers can only play block chords and just rely on the right hand to play the melody. So to play the keyboard, a piano player would be easier to do than the keyboard player who was told to play the piano!

I think, two reasons can be used as justification to learn why more profitable compared to learning the piano keyboard. Especially for kids your age who Shalsa fingers were still flexible and easily formed.

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